Safety… It’s Our Culture

We believe nothing else matters, without the protection and well being of our employees and those we serve. We view safety as our biggest responsibility and pledge the following:

All employees shall continuously work for an injury free work place
through a total awareness, consistency, discipline,
proactive planning, and an ongoing concern
for the well being of others.

Because safety is our highest priority, we have developed an all encompassing Safety Program that is designed to provide the optimum safe working conditions for our employees, our customers and the general public. This carefully designed program includes the following:

  • All employees dedicated to holding themselves and their co-workers responsible for  safety.
  • Dedicated full-time safety personnel
  • Company policies that exceed industry standards
  • In depth tracking and assessments of safety performance
  • Corporate Safety committee
  • Extensive safety training and development for all personnel
  • Safety discussions as the first topic of all company meetings & gatherings
  • An all encompassing Safety Manual that is regularly reviewed and reinforced to personnel
  • Industry leadership initiatives
  • Proper machines and tools to do the work without undue danger
  • Safety partnerships with customers

It is our belief that we need to always work to improve our safety initiatives. We believe we can always improve when it comes to protecting our most important asset, OUR PEOPLE.

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